Car solar charging Colorful Wheel Lights aftermarket wheel LED light seven color LED-2066CW


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Car solar charging Colorful Wheel Lights aftermarket wheel LED light seven color LED-2066CW

Colorful Wheel Lights: waterproof,solar charging,stainless steel,has light sensor and vibration sensor,light off if Stationary,and light sensor doesnt work in daytime.
there is 4 lighting modes,always light up,shinning on,ambient lighting,color change at random,90% cars can use if the wheel with rounds shell,no need to replace the battery! Directly to the original center of the wheel hub cover removed to be replaced,solar charging,no wiring.
Colorfull,automatic color change of 7 colors. 2 models,one with remote control and another one without remote control,the one without remote control relying on remote sensing and manual control switch,the one with remote control switch can also be induced by using the remote control switch!

The installation:
1, Sitck the small slot sype screwdriver into the vehicle-logo cover of the wheel and pry it oyt slowly.
2, Measure the diameter and width of the vehicle-logo cover with a caliper or a common ruler.
3, Loosen the screws of setting feet with cross screwdriver. Stretch the feet position to faciliate size adjustment.
4, Adjust the size of the feet position of wheel lights according to the size of the vehicle-logo cover measured by the caliper.
5, Pick up the vehicle-logo cover with caliper. Get the height from the heel bottom to the top.
6, Stretch the feet position of wheel lights to the same size of the car’s feet position.Install the clip a ccording to the height of the card feet. 4feet should all be installed and the the card position installation is completed.
7, Take the spring out. Put the spring in the card position which is in middle of the card feet position.
8, Put the product into the tire intermediate.
9, Long press 3 seconds to turn on after installation.

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