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For Sell Brand New Segway X2 /i2/x2 Golf

  • Email: cruzsales16@hotmail.com
  • Telefono o WhatsApp: 44757575767686
  • Dirección: 121 dyne street
  • Ciudad: NY
  • Provincia / Estado / Departamento: Paraguay
  • País: Paraguay
  • Zip/Codigo Postal: 10001
  • Anunciado desde: 9 abril, 2015 10:56 am
  • Expira el: Este anuncio ha expirado


100% original Segway X2 SE golf/ Segway x2 Golf

All our prices includes the shipping fee, tax and insurance to your doorstep.

Segway X2 SE golf…$4500USD
Segway x2 Golf . ….$4300
Segway X2 . . . …..$4000

Which of the segway above do you want to buy? and what is your bargain price.

Do place your order in this form:

Full name
Valid Phone number
How many of the segway do you want to buy.

We ship out via DHL and it takes 24-35 hours and the segway will be delivered at your doorstep.

Contact us

Sales Enquirer:

Name: Mr Raymond Cruz

E-mail:- cruzsales16@hotmail.com

Skype: raymond.cruz45

Listing ID: 4205525cacc658b4

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